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Choose from our catalog of ready-to-ship smart kitchen appliances, harness our established supply chain, and lean on our robust manufacturing expertise. 


Each of our smart kitchen appliances is a standalone example of stellar engineering and design. But their true value lies in what they become together. Connected to one another and operated by an app that serves as a hub, they form an ingenious ecosystem that delivers seamless, intuitive, and rewarding kitchen experiences.


Intelligent all-in-one cooking

Combining a bowl, a blender, and a heating unit, this connected kitchen machine can be controlled via an app. Featuring a range of pre-set programs and guided recipes, it empowers users to make the most of culinary inspiration—and bench space.

Asparagus risotto cooked with Smart Cooking Machine
Smart All-in-one Cooking Machine ODM by SPC


Bake like never before

With its own pre-set programs for toasting, reheating, baking, broiling, and more—this all-in-one oven takes the guesswork out of manual cooking. Operated by an app, it offers both conventional and smart functionality.

Plum cake cooked with Smart Oven
Smart Oven ODM by SPC


Linked-up, with locked-in flavor

The beauty of pressure cooking is the ability to create deep, rich flavors. App controlled and featuring multiple pre-set programs and guided recipes, this pressure cooker takes convenience and culinary possibility to the next level.

Ginger chicken soup cooked with smart pressure cooker
Smart Pressure Cooker ODM by SPC

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