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Quality manufacturing is all about process. Our communicative in-house engineering and design teams are experts at maintaining momentum, mitigating risks, and overcoming development hurdles. 

We enjoy the process of collaboration. Whether we start with a rough sketch or a detailed blueprint, we can work with you to develop, render, produce, and distribute cutting-edge products.


We hold an ISO 9001:2015 certification, which certifies our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet regulatory requirements. Our factory’s core capabilities include cutting-edge injection molding, laser welding, PCB, and tablet production capabilities, and we have well-developed and documented processes that support our transparent approach to working with our clients.

Factory capabilities contract manufacturing laser welding
Integrated design contract manufacturing 3d printing



By carefully following specifications and upholding the highest standards of quality, our design teams ensure that new products are consistent with a brand’s existing design language and fit perfectly into a product family. Along with establishing design integration, we offer the opportunity to streamline and scale up manufacturing processes.


Our knowledge of and experience in manufacturing products for over 36 countries and markets allow us to comply with regulations and safety standards across the board.

Safety guidelines certification marks electric appliances contract manufacturing
Trucks delivering product to market contract manufacturing


From sourcing raw materials to shipping final products, once we have finalized a design, we can leverage our established and robust supply chain to get products to market fast.


For a distinct competitive advantage, we offer our clients a ready-to-go catalog of products to choose from. These innovative smart designs expand existing product portfolios, paving the way for new business opportunities.  

Smart kitchen ecosystem portfolio contract manufacturing
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