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Idea to market| Contract Manufacturing | Sourcing | IoT solutions

We enjoy the process of collaboration. Whether we start with a rough sketch or a detailed blueprint, we can work with you to develop, render, produce, and distribute cutting-edge products. 

Idea to Market 


 Together, we take your idea and bring it to life with our expert teams and infrastructure - enabling speed and reliability for your supply chain to distribution. 

Contract Manufacturing 

We work with the best industry partners, committing to providing high-quality products that are built to last, offering customers truly valuable product experiences.

Sales & Distribution

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 SP Concepts global reach from distributors, brands and retailers enable partners to expand faster by leveraging our network.

IoT solutions


We believe IoT capabilities should encourage interaction and deliver insightful and uplifting digital user experiences. 

Idea To Market  - Project Journey

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Idea Generation

SP Concepts stands out in idea generation due to their deep expertise in designing and developing with leading innovators. Their team of experienced professionals are skilled at identifying market trends, understanding customer needs, and translating them into product concepts that shape entire categories.

Idea generation smart appliances

Detailed Design

By carefully following specifications and upholding the highest standards of quality, our design teams ensure that new products are consistent with a brand’s existing design language and fit perfectly into a product family. Our designs have been internationally recognized by the leading industry awards over the past years.

Detailed design smart appliances


In-house engineering and development teams enable to streamline and scale up manufacturing processes. Solution oriented development for our clients as well as own R&D company initiatives provide the foundation for innovation and intellectual property.

Technical development smart appliances


Our manufacturing partners are leading in their respective fields and carefully selected to suit each projects needs. Social, environmental and process compliance are implemented, monitored and improved constantly by our teams. This enables us to meet even the highest regulatory requirements from our clients.

Manufacturing smart appliances

Sales & Distribution

From transportation, importing, warehousing or online/offline sales partners, we can leverage our established and robust distribution channels to get your products to market fast.

Supply and distribution smart appliances

What We Build

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View our own catalgue of successfully launched products.

Who we work with


Discover the different industries we have worked with. Come join us! 

About Us 

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Get to know our values and what we believe is the future of tech innovation around the home.

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